Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear liver, please forgive me for the abuse I am going to put you though

I finally remembered to upload these. Though these projects I learned that making something grungy is rather difficult, not so much in making the actual effect but walking the fine line of making it look vintage vs just over the top dumb. Also I discovered that adding multiple grunging effects is not a good thing...I have multiple images that I didn't upload that just looked shody because of the layering that I applied.

As you can see I tried my had at making a nice orignal vector and fast discovered that my pen work needs, well a lot of work. I was originally planning on taking a few other various images and making nifty vectors but soon grew frustrated when it didn't come out to my liking. I feel back on a technique that I discovered in which you take an image, and through various legacy brightness and contrast settings in photoshop you can produce a fairly unique image, throw it into illustrator and get a nice vector. For the reproduction I relied heavily on render clouds along with various blending modes to get the grunge look. I was not pleased with the results. In a few of my other attempts I tried using various "grunge" brushes I found around the net but they were too...focused? On a distinct local area of the image as well. What I ended up using was a very light cloud render along with blending modes and a background texture to bring it all together.

Next up! I stumbled across a few very interesting wine bottle renderings. Fairly realistic as well. I will tackle those tomorrow since I am behind.


  1. Oh damn. Formatting problems. Darn you Blogger technology.

  2. Good job on the Shockrome poster. Alot of the success of a grunge technique depends on the quality of the texture layers or scanned images that you use.
    On the bottles, the top image is actually one that my student Jennifer did in my package design class. I have a bunch of recordings on how to do that.