Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recreation of Retro Poster

Duplication of the original artwork was rather difficult since each layer and color built off of each other.  Using Illustrator, I built the general shape of the shards, along with the general gradients before importing them into photoshop, then adding adjustment layers, along with highlights. There are also Cyan, megenta, yellow and green layers beneath everything as well as a base 50/50 grey.

My take on it will uploaded in a few hours, once I you know, complete it.

As for the final, I'm currently experimenting with various techniques to produce a concise work.


  1. Smart to use CMYG as your color layers. I wonder if you could follow some color presses's model of an additional Dark Magenta or Orange.

  2. The trick isn't so much choosing the right colors, its finding the correct balance, order, and opacity. And this is all dependent on the tones the colors as well.

    I like the resulting product, but I think it would do well to go back and make some variants of the shards to help reduce the uniformity of the work